Advanced Explosives Processing Research Group

Advanced Explosives Processing Research Group

Advanced Explosive Processiong Reaserch Group (AXPRO) was established in 2002 to investigate explosive applications such as rock fragmentation, explosive properties, explosive welding, explosive synthesis, and the effect of explosives on structures and humans. AXPRO was established with the encouragement of industrial and government partners to meet the heightened demand and immediate need for highly trained explosives professionals in both private and government sectors. AXPRO is positioned to leverage the unique strength in undergraduate and graduate engineering at one of the premier engineering institutions in the world. The group has grown to currently employ five full-time technical staff working to deliver research value to our partners. This technical staff also helps to oversee AXPRO's graduate and undergraduate explosive research programs at Mines. The research scope is focused on developing practical solutions for unique applications in partnership with industry and government

Colorado School of Mines (Mines) is a public research university devoted to engineering and applied science located in Golden, Colorado. It has the highest admissions standards of any public university in Colorado and among the highest of any public university in the U.S. In addition to strong education and research programs in traditional fields of science and engineering, Mines is one of a few institutions in the world having broad expertise in energetic (explosives) education and research.

Recently, Mines has expanded the existing undergraduate program to include a graduate Materials Science of Energetic (Explosives) Materials Program program.

Explosives Team

Dr. Vilem Petr - Mining Engineering - Technical Director
Dr. Dag Nummedal - Director, Colorado Energy Research Institute, Colorado School of Mines
Dr. Jonathan Mace - CSM Physics Department / Los Alamos - Project Director
Dr. Ruth Doherty - Senior Research Associate, Explosives Technology Center
Bob Lynch - Research Engineer, Mining Engineering Department, State and Federally licensed blaster
John Lipka - Research Professor -Security Advisor and former FBI, Mining Engineering Department,
Scott Narreau – Department of Labor and Employment, Colorado State Inspector and Program Manager
Dino Bonaldo, II - GS-14, DAF, Director, 721st Civil Engineering Squadron
Vince Auriemma, P.E. - Deputy Public Works Director, City Engineer, City of Golden
Matthew DeMarco, P.E. - Geotechnical Team Leader, FHWA
Ray Johnson - AXPRO Laboratory Coordinator/ERL Manager, Mining Engineering Department, State and Federally licensed blaster James Abbott- Research and Industry & Government Liaison

Metallurgical Team

Dr. Stephen Liu - Metallurgical and Materials Engineering - Technical Director
Dr. Dave Olson - University Professor Emeritus, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Dr. Kester Clarke - Assistant Professor, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Physics Team

Dr. Jeff Squier - Professor and Department Head, Engineering Physics
Dr. Charles Durfee - Professor, Engineering Physics

Chemistry Team

Dr. David Wu - Professor and Department Head, Chemical Engineering
Dr. Shubham Vyas - Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Team

Dr. John Berger - Professor and Department Head, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Gregory Bogin - Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Project Collaborators/Geotechnical Team

Dr. Graham Mustoe - Division of Engineering
Dr. D.V. Griffiths - Division of Engineering

Graduate Students

Eduardo Lozano – Ph.D. Student of Mechanical Engineering
Michael Maestas -M.S. Student of Mechanical Engineering
Cameron Brown - M.S. (Unde Review) Sarah Hinnegan – M.S. Student of Applied Physics
Brett Carey - Ph.D Student of Explosives Engineering (MS&T)
Sean Hamilton - Ph.D Student of Explosives Engineering (MS&T)

Undergraduate Students

Erika Nieczkoski – B.S. Student of Mining Engineering
Christian Peterson -B.S. Student of Mechanical Engineering
Michael Schleicher – B.S. Student of Civil Engineering

Industry Advisors

Richard Hellner - Xcel Energy
Kent Stephens - Lubrizol Corporation
Paul Braithwaite - Obital ATK
Stan Rosinski - Electric Power Research Institute
Kenneth Lee - The Federal Bureau of Investigation
John Banker - Clad Metals Corporation
Damian Murphy - Summit Materials, LLC
Richard Goodridge – ORICA Limited

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