Advanced Explosives Processing Research Group


The AXPRO Consortium is a leader in explosive engineering based research and education. Members of the consortium—individuals, global companies, organizations, and governments with an invested interest in explosive engineering—have access to a wide spectrum of AXPRO’s knowledge base in explosive technologies and education. In addition to participating in research and education of explosive safety and technologies, members also have the opportunity to pool their resources to achieve common goals. Members can work directly with the student population, utilize research laboratories, and access current and past research reports. AXPRO also provides tailored training and assists members through the processing of ideas from the point of inception to their technical and engineering solutions. Other benefits offered to consortium members include the availability of conferencing and meeting spaces, as well as rentals of AXPRO’s research laboratories and highly specialized equipment.

AXPRO wishes the consortium to act as an incubator for a new generation of engineers and aims to provide research leadership in a broad range of science and engineering fields related to explosives engineering and explosive material processing, while attaining these benefits at a low annual fee. As experts in the field of explosives technology, AXPRO offers professional advancements, licensure, and certifications pertaining to field competencies. Access to AXPRO and Colorado School of Mines facilities is contingent upon the level of membership selected. Non-members are welcome to attend continuing education offerings, however, they will not receive the same benefits as consortium members. For one low annual fee, group consortium members may register for all the education programs sponsored by the AXPRO team, tuition free, with no limit to the number of attendees per group.

The Consortium is designed to ensure that members have complementary interests and commercial confidentiality is maintained. The Consortium is run by a steering committee consisting of members of CSM’s university research team and representatives of each of the industrial sponsors.

Consortium membership is by invitation only. Interested parties should contact Dr. Vilem Petr at

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