Advanced Explosives Processing Research Group


The CSM Mining Engineering Department offers internationally recognized, ABET accredited undergraduate and graduate programs in mining engineering and the geosciences. The Mining Engineering Department offers an Explosives Engineering minor program to prepare the next generation of explosives engineers. The AXPRO team works closely with the Mining Engineering Department to enhance the explosives minor program. This collaboration exposed students to cutting edge explosives research currently being conducted by AXPRO and provides CSM students with hands on, practical field experience.

Students graduate from the explosives minor program with unique explosives knowledge and experience that provides them with a competitive advantage in their future career.

The AXPRO group is actively involved in training and continuing education programs for industry and end users of explosives. These training programs can be tailored to a variety of experience levels and areas of interest. For more information about continuing education programs, please visit the link on the left side of the page or contact Dr. Petr. We are happy to work with you to develop a course that suits your needs.

The AXPRO group has partnered with the ATF, FBI, Colorado Department of Labor, and local police departments to offer an explosives education program for high school students. This one of a kind program is designed to educate students about the proper use of explosives, their role in industry, and forensics investigation. Blaster Day provides students the opportunity to conduct their own forensics investigation. To see a Blaster Day course outline, please see the link to the left. To schedule a Blaster Day for your group, please contact Dr. Petr.

CSM Courses A complete sequence of explosives engineering courses are taught for CSM students through the Mining Engineering Department. Interested students can use the sequence to earn a minor or area of special interest in Explosives Engineering or Explosive Processing of Materials. A two week summer course MNGN 222 is offered for freshman and sophomores that exposes students to the fundamentals of explosives science and engineering through coursework and laboratory activities. Students can then progress through the Explosives Engineering I and II courses that expand their understanding through applied explosives engineering laboratories and explosives science projects. Finally, a rock fragmentation course is taught for Juniors and Seniors with interest in rock blasting. New graduate class Experimental Methods and Instrumentation for Explosive Engineering MNGN 598 is offered in Spring 2015.

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