CAPABILITIES The AXPRO Group maintains two research facilities: the Explosive Research Laboratory (ERL) in Idaho Springs, CO; and the Small-Scale Laboratory (SSL) on the CSM campus in Golden, CO. Both facilities are fully staffed year-round. These facilities maintain the capability to:
     - Measure explosive energy and post-detonation gasses
    - Experimentally test energetic material performance
    - Experimentally study and test the properties of high density ammonium nitrate to develop industry quality control standards
    - Study fragmentation using novel methods in a variety of materials
    - Study the environmental effects of blasting, including detailed measurements air overpressure and ground vibration

In addition, AXPRO provides services and technical consulting for industry partners in the CSM AXPRO consortium.

Finally, the AXPRO research facilities are also used to offer world class explosives training for a variety of groups. Unique training courses offered by AXPRO include:
    - The Practical Explosives Training School fulfills the training requirements for explosive permitting for beginning and advanced users of explosives in the State of Colorado and for Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives permitting
    - Explosive use in Avalanche Control training for the Colorado Department of Transportation
    - Continuing education programs for high speed imaging in explosive engineering
    - Blaster Day: a practical education program for elementary and high school students to introduce them to forensic investigation and help recruit new students to the Colorado School of Mines

Explosive Research Laboratory The Explosive Research Laboratory is a 2000 acre property in Idaho Springs, CO with the goal of being a world leader in the measurement of explosive properties. The laboratory consists of multiple test sites and support facilities. Support facilities include an on-site office; preparation/changing room; one type 1 magazine, four type 2 magazines, one type 3 magazine; and a machine shop. The laboratory is fully equipped for electricity, internet, and phone service as well as access to earth moving and other heavy equipment.

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Small Scale Laboratory The SSL consists of several laboratories on the CSM campus in Brown Building. On campus AXPRO laboratories include an indoor blasting chamber, vacuum chamber, and rock fragmentation laboratory. Support facilities include: a sample preparation lab; machine shop; fully equipped offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, two outdoor type 2 magazines, and one indoor type 2 magazine with fire protection cabinet.

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