The AXPRO Group performs applied and fundamental research in explosive engineering, energetic materials, as well as explosive processing of materials. The research scope is focused on developing practical solutions for unique applications in partnership with industry and government.

The education goal of the AXPRO Group is to provide practical experience with explosives safety, handling, storage, and applied science for both students and explosive users. In addition, the AXPRO Group collaborates with the continuing education program at CSM to offer world class seminars and short courses on a variety of explosives engineering topics.

AXPRO Group was established in 2005 on the encouragement of industrial partners to emphasize the unique strength in undergraduate and graduate engineering education at the Colorado School of Mines. The group has grown to currently employ five full-time technical staff working to deliver research value to clients and partners. This technical staff also helps to oversee AXPRO's graduate and undergraduate explosive research programs at the Colorado School of Mines.

The Departments of Mining Engineering and Metallurgical & Materials Engineering of the Colorado School of Mines have established this research group to investigate explosive applications such as rock fragmentation, explosive properties, explosive welding, explosive synthesis, and the effect of explosives on structures and humans. Recently, the group has matured into two research teams: Explosive Processing of Materials, led by Dr. Stephen Liu; and Explosives Engineering, led by Dr. Vilem Petr. The explosive engineering team has recently added Dr. Jonathan Mace from the Physics Department as a faculty member and project manager. Additionally, the explosives team is collaborating with Dr. Griffiths and Dr. Wang from the College of Engineering on specific projects

The AXPRO Group is constantly pursuing partnerships with industry, government agencies, and other academic institutions.

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