AXPRO provides services and technical consulting for domestic and international industries such as mining, oil and gas, and energy. AXPRO offers world-class explosives training for governmental and industrial research groups.

AXPRO Services Brochure

Capabilities include:

  • Objective evaluation of industry procedures and development of safety standards and protocols
  • Safe integration of government standards for new explosive technologies to private industry
  • Detailed investigation of explosives technologies to advance government and industry standards
  • Measurement of explosive energy and post-detonation gases
  • Experimentation of energetic material performance
  • Expertise of ammonium nitrate properties: post-detonation properties and physical, chemical and detonation physics
  • Fragmentation studies using novel methods in a variety of materials
  • Environmental studies of blasting effects, including detailed measurements of air overpressure and ground vibration

This video was taken at the ERL in Idaho Springs, Colorado, by Ametek Vision Research Inc. in August 2017.